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SoloIM Production Features


The software I create automates your most boring repetitive daily tasks


Each software gets tested on different systems and platform prior to release


The main reason of automation is to reduce the time to reach the goals


The price set on the SOLOIM products are very fair so  anyone have them


All products come with a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee


I’m always here to help you with the tools, fixing bugs and creating better ones

Mehdi Marani

Hello My Friend...

My name is Mehdi Marani.

I started creating websites for clients around a decade ago. I always worked with WordPress, I LOVE it and  personally believe WordPress is a gift given to everyone who wants to have great, flexible and professional website. after making 100s of sites for people, decided to get my hands dirty with coding Windows-based applications for internet marketers. so far made a few software & launches that you can see below and still turning ideas & pain points into applications. I don’t create software just to sell, but to solve an issue. so if you know a problem or a missing feature somewhere, let me know and I may be able to fix it creating an application for it. there will be a good profit for both of us in that…

Let's Partner!

The idea of the domain name (SoloIM) came from me (administering everything related to the internet marketing from scratch to the complete stage on my own). but it takes time and sometimes could be boring. So, take a look at my launches by clicking on the Products menu at the top, if you are MINDED, EXPERIENCED and have a good source of audience & think you are interested, just let me know. we can talk further on terms and ROCK!

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