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From: Mehdi Marani
To: ALL Internet Marketers

Hello my friend,
I consider my self as a lazy person! Yes, you heard it right. I really don’t like to spend lots of time on something. I’m sure you have heard that they say to have something that people love you’d spend so much time on it -from research to build or create- whether it’s a product or a service.

The thing today I’m going to talk to you about here particularly could be one of those boring tasks to do, one of the ways to build a list that every IM guru uses is to offer a useful freebie publicly to encourage people to join into their list for the future promotions. “Money is in the list”, I bet you have heard of that before.

Now, the question is what it takes to create a page with an opt-in form?

Let’s face it…

You have to know HTML and CSS to style and put elements in the right order into column and rows. let’s go a step further. you may think of using a ready frameworks like Bootstrap to do that. but, how long does it take to learn those, first HTML then CSS and at last Bootstrap structure? after figuring that out, how long does it take to create a page?

Did you just say: “Use a CMS like WordPress to make it“?

Well, what if I say “I don’t want to use the whole of a system just for a lead capture page with all those bells and whistles which will result in a longer page load time, in addition to occupying a lot of space on the server – which I could put more stuff on”?

besides with a CMS you will find no way to create a page like that but using PLUGINS, as a result, more space occupied on the server, higher page load time and each plugin has its own configuration, not to mention some conflict.

So as said earlier, for a person like me (lazy 😉 ), it was very hard to design a lead capture page dealing with those issues every time. I thought “That would be awesome if I had a magical tool that creates pages for me with no hassle“, and I listed the requirements for a good yet simple lead capture page?

  • A headline – With one or two colors to grab the attentions in a second.
  • A short description – Just like the headline, but a little longer with a smaller font.
  • An image (of product/service) – A page without at least an image won’t work you know?
  • A copyright link in the footer – To make sure the page is owned by you.
  • An opt-in form – That’s why lead capture pages was first made.
  • RESPONSIVENESS – many use their mobile phones surfing the web now a days.

There were some good ideas too:

  • Styling options for eye-catching results.
  • Save/Open the project.
  • Real quick uploader.

Having that in mind, I decided to solve this time-consuming job once for all. so I could use it every time I want, and all the design and styling had to be displayed with a push of a button (the magic!).

And I did it after taking a look at some of the well-converting lead capture pages made by BIG BOYS on the market. one thing was common among most of them, SIMPLICITY, A title, an image, a short description, and an opt-in form. the simpler the better. I followed the same rule and created Leadony with just a fill-in-the-blanks form and a button!

Some of Leadony features:

  • A feature-rich text editor
  • Supporting 900 Google Fonts
  • Easily save/open projects
  • Autoresponder form code supported
  • Footer text & link option
  • Pixabay related background image
  • Exporting the project
  • Preview in Google Chrome browser
  • Upload project without any FTP client
  • Auto extract after uploading option
  • Auto delete ZIP file after uploading option
  • Responsive design for portable devices

In just 3 simple steps your list gets bigger...

Design the Page

Use the feature-rich editor and the extra styling options for background image, text rotation or custom fonts to create an AMAZING page

Upload the Project

Just enter your cPanel login info, select the project zip file and click on the Upload button, ALL DONE from within the software

Your List Grows!

Watch your list grows fast, also you can create opt-in pages in no time from now on to capture more leads and make your list FAT!

Today I decided to release it to the public so you can get the most of it too and no longer need to put much time on your lead capture pages.Besides, there is a bonus module inside the software that helps you to upload the result on your server very fast, no need to any FTP client software or using your web browser and going page after page to locate a folder and upload it. just enter cPanel into and click the upload button. ALL DONE!

Enough talking, I want to show you something…

You can see the demo of the software in the following video to understand how it works when I say it’s SIMPLE.

Use 900 Google Fonts, over 1.5 million images by Pixabay and so many colors to create an eye-catching opt-in page that generates BIG lists

See! Leadony is not only simple but it works as described. everything is in front of you in a user-friendly interface without any confusion. but it doesn’t stop there. here are the two bonuses I have put in to make the package unique for you.

The first one is the cPanel uploader which has been promised earlier. it uploads the exported project into your server with a click and opens the URL for you once done.

The next bonus is 30 FREE PLR products you can use to create opt-ins without worring about finding a REAL good product that you are allowed to give away to people.

cPanel Uploader Module ($47)

Upload your project to your hosting right from within LEADONY. No need to any FTP clients software. very simple, fast & secure.

10k A Month list building ($47)

7+2 Step by Step, Easy to Follow Videos Reveal 10k a month List Building Strategies. This System Sends You a flood of Highly Targeted Visitors.

Now, it's time to grab your copy...

Leadony Software ($67)

cPanel Uploader Module ($47)

10K A Month List Building ($47)

for just $161

Try Leadony Software 30 Days Risk-Free

If for any reason you’re not delighted with this software, simply drop us a ticket to our support desk within the first 30 days of your purchase and we will issue a full refund.

No hard feelings. It’s a RISK-FREE offer.

P.S: as mentioned, I use Leadony my own to create my lead capture pages in weekly basis, so it’s not just a piece of software I want to sell. I as the developer use it regularly and it works well for me. so I’m sure you would need it too and it does what’s promised perfectly.

frequently asked questions

What’s the support like?

You will be having access to the support ticket system or my email address after purchase.

Is it an install-able software?

No, but it needs to downloads some files just on the first run.

Any tutorials for start?

Not needed really, but I’ll be available to help you in anyways.

Can I use this on my Mac computer?

No, Leadony only works with Microsoft Windows OS.

I have other questions…?

Please submit a ticket or message me on Skype (borlandology). I’ll try to answer ASAP!

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