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I like to call my business a “well oiled machine”, and I’m proud of the way it works.  It enables me to spend quality time doing WHAT I WANT and WHEN I WANT.

With my strategies, you don’t have to be there in order to make money.

I can go away for a long weekend for example, and still pull in cash every day that I’m away, without doing any more work.

This System Sends Me loads of Highly Targeted Visitors, Builds My Buyer’s List and Generates $10k Per Month!

These courses takes you & your buyers by the hand, gently, and step by step, explaining each part of the business, in a way that you will find very easy to understand.

And this will work for everyone, a complete newbie, or a seasoned internet marketer.

These courses consist main core modules, which take you from scratch, right at the beginning, so you can benefit from Paul’s 9 years of experience and hit the ground running. Paul says.

He's making such money selling his own courses, now if you you'd like to have the same HUGE success, here is your chance...

Here is the list of the products you get:

  1. Conversion cash machine (PDF)
  2. video sales formula (PDF)
  3. passive cash profits 2.0 (PDF)
  4. knockout profit blackbook (PDF)
  5. $100 per day blueprint (PDF)
  6. passive cash profits (PDF)
  7. 17 email cash hacks (PDF)

Total Price: $885

Could you outsource info product creation?
I wouldn't recommend it!

A lot of people become greedy when they realize just how much they can save by outsourcing. However, if you hire someone who has poor expertise, they will only cause problems for you and you will throw money away on work that doesn’t mean anything to you.

the costs of outsourcing in America can go from $3000 per month, up to $10,000. It is definitively the area with the highest prices for marketing services.

1. Lack Of Control
Although you can provide direction in regard to what you need to accomplish, you give up some control when you outsource.
There are many reasons for this, including the fact that you are often hiring a contractor instead of an employee. And since the person is not working on-site, it can be difficult to maintain the level of control you desire.

2. Communication Issues
This doesn’t always come into play, but it’s one of the biggest potential drawbacks. Here are several questions to ask:
What time zone does the person live in and how does this match up with your business hours?
• What is your preferred method of communication? Phone, email, instant messaging?
• Does the person have access to a reliable internet connection?
According to Cameron Herold, the founder of a COO training program, communication is essential to success in the business world. Since a large number of U.S.-based employees report not being engaged at work, communication remains a major problem. Will this get worse if you outsource?

3. Problems With Quality
Despite all the benefits of outsourcing, it is only a good thing if you’re receiving the quality you expect. Anything less than this will be a disappointment.
This isn’t to say you can’t successfully outsource particular tasks, but you need to discuss the expected quality upfront.
Impact On Company Culture
As a business owner, it’s easy to focus on the benefits of outsourcing, all without considering the impact it can have on your company as a whole. If you plan on outsourcing, you need to take steps to ensure that it doesn’t have a negative effect on company culture.
A positive work culture leads to a higher level of productivity, so you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize this. Some of the ways outsourcing can negatively affect company culture include:
• Upset employees as they may feel they are being replaced
• Confuse employees who don’t understand why you are outsourcing particular tasks
• Add challenges to the daily workflow of the company



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