Struggling with your FTP client not having the "Unzip" option to extract the zip files after uploading to the server?
Need to create a GDPR policy real quick?
Need to find the most related keywords to the main keyword of the sale page?

Upload & EXTRACT your mini-sites and sales pages to your cPanel hosting with a click of a mouse button!

Without .

No FTP client is needed

This won’t a long sales letter filled with unnecessary info trying to get you click the buy button. it will be straight to the point.

After making quite a lot number of sales pages for my friends (Marketers), I realized that would be a time consuming job to upload them once they are ready.

Apart from the uploading, there will be things like extracting the zip file containing the page and it’s belongings (images, CSS & JS files, maybe videos etc.) on the server that can’t be done using FTP software like FileZilla or other ones.

To do so, you have to log into the cPanel and find the zip file under the pile of files and folders and unzip it. and that one thing is boring when you have to it repeatedly.

This made me think…
I don’t want this to take time and be a complicated task, there should be a way to upload minisites easier & faster, all in one place. no need to FTP accounts because it doesn’t extract the zip file after upload. opening the URL after uploading is done would make it even cooler 🙂

So, I made a simple software and named it “MiniSite Uploader”. this took quite some time though to do the coding and make sure it works.


minisite uploader

Bonus GDPR Module Included

Enter your cPanel credentials & make sure it gets connected.

Choose the zip file of the page, you may set options.

Click the upload button and... DONE! Your site is uploaded.

Here it is today released to public so you can get the benfit of it and upload your ministes & HTML sales pages easily. Minisite Uploader extracts the zip file if you choose to.

No complex interface, no confusing fields and options, just give it a few needed info and choose you zip file. DONE! as simple as that. that’s why at first I told this sales letter won’t be long.

See how simple it is to work with Minisite Uploader:

here's what you get

  • MiniSite Uploader Software
    MiniSite Uploader Software $27

    Design your minisite and sales page, make sure to zip everything (the html files and dependencies like images, CSS, JS files). once done, click the upload button to get the whole package on your cPanel hosting control panel. it also unzips the file after uploading is done.

  • [BONUS] GDPR Generator Module
    [BONUS] GDPR Generator Module $23

    You MUST have GDPR page in your website or else it may put you in trouble sometime in the near future... fill a few fields needed to create a GDPR Privacy Policy text and it generates GDPR fast in HTML format, so all you need to do is to copy & paste it into your proper GDPR page. once the page is on the server and is open to the public, you are safe.

  • [BONUS] Keyword Finder Module
    [BONUS] Keyword Finder Module $19

    Enter a seed keyword and click the find button, this module finds 10 most related keywords for you in a blink, you can then copy the generated keywords to the clipboard and paste it into your sales page keyword meta. as simple as that!

  • [BONUS] Video Squeeze pages
    [BONUS] Video Squeeze pages $49

    A Video Squeeze page in 5 different colors + editing tutorial videos (if you don't know how to change them). each include: main page, download page and thank-you page. with an attractive and clean design you are ready to grow your list using these professional looking pages.

Total Value: $118

But everything for you today...

Note: Did you know that the average programmer in the U.S. makes about $100/hour? … all things told? this price is for just 7 minutes of coding!!

P.S: Minisite Uploader works with cPanel as it’s coded using cPanel API, so if you have Direct Admin or any or other types of control panel to manage your hosting account you CAN NOT use it.

P.P.S: The price I set on this product doesn’t mean it’s a cheap dirty product to make a quick money. I wanted to make it a no brainer and let everyone benefit from it. although the name says “Minisite Uploader” but you literally can use it to upload any .zip files to the server.

To Your Success,

Mehdi Marani


You can try MiniSite Uploader for 30 days risk free

I know there are a lot of crappy software tools out there that will get you nowhere. Most of the software is overpriced and an absolute waste of money. So if you’re a bit skeptical, that’s perfectly fine. I’m so sure you’ll see the potential of this tool that I’ll let you try it out 100% risk-free. If you’re not happy in any way, you will be eligible for a refund.

Take Action NOW! Get your copy of MiniSite Uploader, By now you should be really excited about all the wonderful benefits of such an amazing piece of software. You don’t want to miss out on the wonderful opportunity presented today and then regret later when it costs more than double… or it’s even completely off the market!

frequently asked questions

What’s the support like?

If I’m not sleeping you can almost always find me in front of my desk 🙂 so ASAP.

Is it an install-able software?

No, but it needs to download some files just on the first run.

How the license is delivered?

It will be generated and sent to your email automatically by the system.

RECOMMENDED: use @gmail or @yourDomain emails when purchasing.

How many systems can I activate the license on?

The license can be activated on 2 systems, after that you will get an error indicating exceeding the limitation.

Can I use this on my Mac computer?

You can try “Wine” or a similar app, MiniSite Uploader is compatible with Microsoft Windows OS.

Are there any OTOs?

Yes, but it’s not compulsory. you can get the best of MiniSite Uploader even without OTOs.

I have other pre-purchase questions…?

Send an email to or Skype ID: borlandology. I’ll answer ASAP.

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