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Product Creation – Money-Making Surveys

Conducting a survey is one of the best ways in which you can get relevant information about your own list or target market in general. After all, if you’re planning to market your product to your list, shouldn’t
you first try to find out what it is THEY want? Don’t assume they’ll simply buy anything from you. If you create something that appeals to them, they’ll be far more likely to buy it…

Running a survey is one of the easiest ways you can get their opinion on what product you should create next. I personally suggest conducting two different surveys at the same time. The first survey should collect extremely basic information from all of the respondents. It could say something like the following:

I’m planning to create a new product in the next month. I want to help you solve the biggest problem you encounter as a marketer. So please select the problem from the list below that you struggle with most:

  1. Getting traffic
  2. Converting traffic into sales
  3. Creating products
  4. Finding profitable markets
  5. Keeping your list active and interested
  6. Other (please specify)”

Something like that could be the first survey. Attached to that first survey should be something like this:
“I’m also planning to give away three free copies of my product once it is completed. If you are interested in receiving my product for free, please explain – in detail – what you believe prevents you from being
successful as an Internet marketer. I will award a free copy to the three best answers.”

This is a relatively non-aggressive way to extract important information from your list. The first part should give you a rough idea of what problems people encounter without bogging you down with a lot of unnecessary information. If your list members mainly can’t convert traffic, then maybe they need some help in writing better copy. There you go.

The longer responses will give you even better information. Even if you don’t use them for that particular product, you can use them in the future. Not only will they give you better information to aid the productcreation process, but they will also help you to write the salesletter. All you have to do is turn their questions and problems into answers that are covered in the ebook.

Once you’ve determined what you need to talk about in your ebook, all you have to do is write it yourself or outsource it. In fact, you could even write it as a sort of Q&A. Take problems or questions your list members sent you, and answer them one-by-one in your ebook.


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