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Product Creation – Outsource Your Product Creation

If you’re in a bind and need to get a new product on the market quickly, one of your best options is to outsource the entire product creation process. Why write your own product, create your own graphics, and produce your own audio and video? Not only is it a bad use of time (which you could otherwise spend marketing), but it is also a bad way to create a product.

Think about it: why are you singularly qualified to do all of these things? People who write for a living are likely to write better; people who do graphic design work will likely make a better logo or book cover;
and people who do audio and video regularly will likely do a better editing job.

…Even if this weren’t the case, it is still much faster to outsource the entire product creation process. If you do it all yourself, you will find yourself suffering from writers’ block, neglecting other important tasks, and struggling with basic technical issues. Let someone else do it; and pay them to get it done fast. Your primary concern should be designing and executing a flawless marketing campaign…

So where’s a good place to start? First, decide what you’re going to create and really think hard about whether or not it will sell. If you’re selling an IM product, ask what is it that people want right now. Do they need information on traffic-generation or information on using YouTube effectively? Also, ask yourself how do they want it packaged. Do they prefer video and audio to ebooks – or do they like both? Write all of this down.

Next, in detail, consider how you want the people you hire to create this product. Do not heap the details on high enough to stifle their creativity (or to waste your time), but include enough tips and
constraints to make sure you end up with the product you actually asked for initially.

When submitting your product to a writer, graphic designer, or video/audio creator on http://www.elance.comor, include your detailed instructions for how he/she should create the product. Additionally, tell him/her to feel free to email you at any point to get more information. As a last measure, you could also require the freelancer to check in with you, say, once or twice before submitting the completed product.

If you do this all correctly – and ensure that you find high-quality freelancers – you should have no problem generating a better product in a fraction of the time it would take you to do alone. Additionally, since you paid for it, you will be far morecompelled to take action and sell it…

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