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Product Creation – Posts in Forums and Blogs

People who frequently visit forums and post on blogs tend to be highly accessible. Even if they are busy people, if they regularly post on a blog or forum, it probably won’t be impossible to get in touch with them
. They’re “around” in the sense that they check their email and private messages at least once each day.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this:

Create a list of popular forums and blogs that are closely related to your product. Next, SCOUR each of those
blogs and forums and dig up the good, high-quality posts. In many cases, they can be quite rare.
As you find these high-quality posts, start emailing each of their authors to find out whether or not you can include them in an ebook. If they’re forum posts, you may be able to send a private message. In
your email/PM, explain that you will add all of their information to the ebook, including a live link to their site (if they have one).

Again, most people who are selling something will welcome the exposure. They will also be flattered that you chose to include them in a volume of the best blog and forum posts on the Internet about that particular topic. You could title it something like this: “Best of the Internet: Bloggers and Forum Posters Take on . . ..” That name would be amenable to both buyers and posters.

As a rule of thumb, try to avoid using a subject line that looks spammy. Again, these people likely check their inboxes at least once a day – but they also probably receive a lot of spam that, frankly, they have no interest in reading. You’rewriting to them as an outsider. If they’re an expert, they’ll assume that most people who aren’t also experts (and who have chosen to contact them out of the blue) are probably beggars with little to offer – or, worse, spammers.

Again, from here (once you’ve received permission), it’s all busy work. You just need to compile the posts, edit them as needed, add an introduction and conclusion, including the authors’ information, select a good mix of fonts and effects – and, presto, you’ve got yet another excellent product as soon as you click that PDF button.

If you want to score bonus points with your list members – and also make more sales – you could alsouse video to try out some of the methods outlined in the blog posts; and, in the process, show your list members
exactly how they can do them.

But when it comes down to it, your primary focus should be to roll out a good product in a reasonable amount of time. If the videos are going to bog you down – and possibly terminate the project – then don’t do them. Go for simple and complete…

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