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Product Creation – Using Freely-Available Info

The Internet is spilling over with freely available information. Even so, many people are unable to find what they need and when they need it. For this reason, they often purchase ebooks that compile and present this information to them. Even though the information may not be exclusive – or even surprising – they purchase it to avoid wasting time with fruitless and time-consuming searches.

One way in which you can capitalize on this is to quickly generate a product that caters to this crowd of people. Rather than creating “original content,” create a massive archive of information that is freely available already. You can use phone books, free search tools, directories, Wikipedia, and other freely available information to contribute to your product. It doesn’t matter how you get the information, provided you are legally able to include it in your product.

Additionally, keep in mind that your product need not be an ebook. In contrast, you could create a membership site; and, on that site, including updated links and information about a particular topic. To make  this concept less abstract, check out the following site:

If you’re not familiar with this genre of products – you pay for access to an auction membership site (in this case, it’s for cars). You are then given access to a treasure trove of links and information about auctions
on the Internet and at brick-and-mortar auction houses. Basically, for the low price of purchasing a membership, you get the chance to spot cars that are thousands of dollars cheaper than they normally would be.
With that said, everyone using these sites could dig up every piece of information for “free”; however, they choose to pay for the convenience and for the updates (and oftentimes on a monthly basis).

In order to replicate the success of these sites, you must start by finding a niche that people need information on. Internet marketing is actually a good niche in that respect. Indeed, people are trying to learn more about it all the time.

Once you find that niche, start digging up information. Compile massive lists of step-by-step instructions, product catalogs, addresses of suppliers, relevant email addresses – and so on. After you finish that, organize everything into a clean and straightforward list.

It may take you a week or so to collect all of the information and to organize it, but in the end, you’ll have a useful, high-quality product – and you won’t need a big name to sell it.

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