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Product Creation – Your List Members to Create Your Product!

Here’s a slightly different approach of the previous method: rather than having your list members tell you what product to make, have them make the actual product for you.

Now, initially, you might think that all information must be flowing from you to your readers, but that is not the case.

Think about who your readers actually are: they’re people who are also in the same field, some of whom have been successful in a number of ways.

Rather than assuming they know nothing, give them the benefit of the doubt. You may be surprised when you find out who is on your list…

Here’s how to implement this method: next time you send out an email to your list, tell them everything. You can say something to this effect:

I’m planning to launch a new product in the next month. I’d like to draw from your wisdom, rather than my own. I know many of you are experts in different areas. You know a lot of things that I don’t, and I think many of you can offer this list of things that I cannot. With that said, I’m going to give you an opportunity to get published in my next ebook. All you have to do is let me know the biggest problem you’ve encountered as an Internet marketer – and then tell me how you overcame it. Please include details about yourself, such as your occupation, experience, and website (if you own one). If I like your story enough to include it in my ebook, I will send you a free copy.

Here’s an important hint: if you haven’t realized it yet, name recognition is extremely important internet marketing. Gurus may tell you that becoming successful is as simple as following some traffic generation formula. While that’s sometimes the case, those gurus often achieved their fame by improving their name recognition.

By getting their name all over the place, they spread their fame and improve their credibility – and simultaneously improved the value of their brand. This is why you still see gurus giving testimonials for a lot of products: they need to remain a household name in order to increase their customer base.

…And this is precisely why everyone will jump all over your offer to get put in an ebook. If they’re Internet marketers, they absolutely NEED the fame in order to improve their status. As their status improves, they’re likely to get more attention from people with big names, which will help them to further improve their brand.

Once you’ve compiled a number of high-quality stories, you don’t have a lot of work left to do. You simply need to arrange them in a logical order using Open Office, edit any grammatical errors, add your own introduction and conclusion – and then hit the PDF icon.

And there you have it: in a matter of a week or so, your list members will have done most of the dirty work for you. You now have a product that you can readily market to your attentive list.

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