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How much time do you spend on audit SEO stats of a website?  How much does it take if you want to analyze your or your client’s competitions? how boring could bunch of repetitive tasks be? finally after getting the info, you have to sort them in a tabular file to make it readable for you or the client.

Alexa rank, MOZ Rank, Counting links and many more things…

Have you just started this SEO business of analyzing data and you get confused sometimes or it scares you getting behind the schedule and loose money – because this takes soooo long !?

Now it’s easier than ever before for anyone – YES even if you are a newbie – to launch their very own fully-fledged online business with the push of a button.

Grab SEO Table and tap into the million dollar services that companies will be willing to pay you thousands of dollars for it or use it on your own site(s) and crush your competitions.

As simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Download and login to the software

2. Choose the desired options and click start

3. get the results in a few secs or save it into a file

Hey Fellow!

Mehdi Marani

I’m Mehdi Marani, an Internet Marketer and a product creator.

It’s been a long time whenever I wanted to check ranking and stats of a website, I had to go to different sites for a bit of info. even after that, each time I found myself having a mass of info that had to get organized into a tabular file (csv) and that was time consuming plus not being easy at all.

So decided to create a tool that does the hard job for me, the requirement was speed in addition to ease of use.

After a long time of coding, finally I made it, it’s a really handy, fast and accurate. I named it SEO Table, because it populates requested data into a table automatically, inside the software and also in the exported file.

After that I decided to release it publicly, because I’m sure there are a lot of people still having the hassle I had gathering info they need.

As mentioned the ease of use was of the main factors in designing SEO Table, so everyone could use it. newbies to pros. today you have the chance to solve all the issues you have with gathering SEO stats of a website once for all.

Download the software, enter your login info (automatically generated and emailed to you), choose the options you want to get info about by switching them ON, and hit the start button, sit back and watch how fast SEO Table gets and populates the data and put them into a table for you in a very short time.

Need to do the same process for another site? just enter the next URL and click start button again. It really is that simple!

Introducing SEO TAble

Your all in one SEO and Stats toolbox with 20+ options

tested on different versions of microsoft windows OS.

This great piece of software comes fully loaded with features that allow you to build a complete report in less than a minute

Just push the start button and it does the job super fast!

Loaded With 20+ Features You Can Plug, Play And Sell as a Service Today

Some of the Features of SEO Table

CMS Detect

Identify the type of site and software used

Backlink Counter

Counts number of backlinks of the site

Page Size Calc

Calculates the size of the given page

Save Screenshot

Saves website's screenshot in high resolution

Host Finder

Finds hosting of the site and the IP

MOZ Rank

Page/Domain Authority and MOZ rank check

Link Counter

Counts number of total links, internal/external links

Email Finder

Looks for exposed emails on the website

Alexa Ranks

Alexa global/local ranking report

Domain Age Finder

Shows age of the registered domain

Page Load Time

Shows load time of the page. the lower the better

Whois Data

Saves a complete whois data in a text file

Up or Not

Detects if the site is down or up

Redirect Check

Checks to see if the URL is redirected or not

Google Cache

Last time and date the page cached by Google

Bonus Module(s)

1 or more bonus tool(s), take your chance 😉

Check To See How SEO Table Works:

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Spy and analyze competitions with a click and collect the money!

People Are Making BIG Money By Selling These Reports On Sites Like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer & Many More…

Now it’s your chance to make the same amount by selling SEO reports to people.

No knowledge of doing SEO and analyzing websites?

No worries anymore!

SEO Table does it all for you, and at the end exports the CSV report. 

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is fully protected by our 30 days money back guarantee, if you feel SEO Table is not for you or you don’t like it, you can get all your money back!

frequently asked questions...

Can I use SEO Table for my own websites?

Yes, actually you can use this software for any websites you want.

Is it an install-able software?

No, but it needs to downloads some files just on the first run.

Can I use this on my Mac computer?

No, SEO Table is coded to be matched only Windows OS

What's the support like?

You will be having access to the support ticket system after purchase.

Any tutorials for start?

Yes, you will get access to a video for a fast starting.

I have other questions?

Please submit a ticket or message me on Skype (borlandology). I’ll try to answer ASAP!

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