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In case of facing an issue with any of SoloIM software
please try these:

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Best Solution - Connecting to your system via AnyDesk

The fastest solution is to connect to your system using AnyDesk (TeamViewer replacement) and check the stuff for you. it’s FREE and I won’t charge you. there will be no risk as you will see what I’m doing the whole time.

So please download and install AnyDesk here (it’s very simple). once done let me know your address:

Ideal OS: Windows 10
Required: .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual C++ Redistributable (Download links below)

Please make sure you UNZIP the downloaded folder on your system (How-To Unzip).

If this is the first time you run the software, you will see a download bar, please let it get completed and download all the required files.

DO NOT INTERRUPT THE DOWNLOAD. Most of the problems happens here. this has to be done once and you won’t see it anymore in the future runs of the software.

Please note that due to having encoded components in the software, security applications like an Antivirus will consider it as malicious.

  1. Disable Proxies/VPNs.
  2. Disable the Anti-Virus.
  3. Disable any Anti-Malware apps.
  4. Disable any Firewalls (How To).
  5. Disable Microsoft’s User Account Control (How To).
  6. Any apps that monitor the internet should be disabled.

1. Software Not Opening:

  • REQUIRED – make sure you have installed .Net Framework 4.5 (v4.5 or newer – especially on Windows 7): Download Here
  • And Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 after that: Download Here
  • Now download this small file (27KB):
  • Right click on the software and choose “Run as Administrator” option and run the software. If it doesn’t work, CLOSE THE SOFTWARE, Right click on DelFiles.exe and choose “Run as Administrator” option, wait 5-10 seconds and try to run the software again.
  • If you are not sure what version(s) of .NET Framework you have on your system please download and run the following .NET detector:

2. Software opens but doesn’t run/do anything:

  • Download this file (36KB):
  • Close the software, right click on the FixPerms.exe file and choose “Run as Administrator” option. Once done, a window shows up saying “All Done…”, now you can press any key to close it. Right click on the software and choose “Run as Administrator” option and run the software.

3. Running in Safe Mode (With Networking) – other software conflicting:

Boot up into the safe mode with networking:

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